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Planning, Design & Implementation
   • Wastewater – “waste”water treatment & reuse
   • Stormwater – Low Impact Development
   • Rainwater Harvesting
   • Integrated Water Design – Supply/Use/Treatment/Reuse

WASTEWATER Decentralized solutions for “waste”water treatment & reuse
System conceptual planning
Strategic planning and permitting
Planning and implementation of management concepts
Detailed design of collection and treatment systems
   • Constructed wetlands
   • Advanced Recirculating Gravel Filter systems
   • Effluent sewerage collection systems (STEP/STEG)
   • Drip irrigation dispersal systems
   • Vertical shaft activated sludge systems (high-volume sewage and/or biosolids)
Installation Oversight (in association with local partners)

STORMWATER – Low Impact Development

Planning & Design Services

   • System conceptual planning
   • Strategic planning and permitting
   • Detailed design of stormwater conveyance and controls
   • Planning and implementation of management concepts
   • Planning and design of rainwater harvesting systems
   • Planning bioretention units for local appropriateness
   • Design of constructed wetland bioretention units for advanced treatment
   • Specification of bioretention unit soil and plant materials
   • Installation oversight of bioretention units (in association with local partners)

Water availability analysis
Yield-demand modeling (using rainwater model created by David Venhuizen, P.E.)
Planning and permitting of backup water supply system
Operational plan for backup water supply system
Standards and service plan for building-scale facilities
Integrate rainwater catchment into the stormwater management plan
Development-wide fire protection plan

INTEGRATED WATER DESIGN – Supply/Use/Treatment/Reuse
Holistic “whole water” approach to all water aspects of development projects
Energy Water Nexus analysis
   • Energy efficient water treatment/reuse/supply system design
   • Evaluation of other water-related energy use
   • Renewable energy options and potential system design and installation (NABCEP certified designers)


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